Layaway Program

This service will allow you to place your purchase on a lay-away program.  To participate in the program, you are required to pay at least 40% of the purchase price at the time of the order and pay the balance within 4 months.  This can be a useful service when you order a special color.  Instead of paying the entire purchase price up front you are only required to pay 40% to be placed on the "To Build" list which reserves your place in line.  It can take up to 3 weeks for a special-order color hide to arrive to me to start the build.  When the item has been built, I will send you an email and you have the option to pay the balance and I will ship the item, or you can extend payment up to 4 months at which time the balance will be due, and the item will be shipped when final payment has been made.

When you place your item in the cart, proceed to check out.  At checkout you can choose Lay-Buy.  Then click "complete payment".  This will take you to PayPal to complete the payment.  Agape Bibles does not charge any fees or interest for this service.  However Lay-Buy does charge a small one-time fee for this service.

The down payment for a special ordered bible case is non-refundable.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this service.